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Should You Try Cannabis Topicals For Pain Relief

Posted: Thu, Jun 1, 2023

Every cannabis user is different. Some enjoy smoking, some prefer vaping, and others prefer alternative methods of consumption such as tinctures or edibles. One of the most interesting ways to use cannabis is with cannabis topicals. These fascinating products can be applied directly to your body for fast-acting relief. 

Cannabis topicals are fairly unique as a consumption method. They don’t get you high or provide any psychoactive effects. However, they’re great for times when you want to quickly apply the soothing properties of cannabis directly to any area of your body. So should you try cannabis topicals for pain relief? Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Cannabis Topicals?

Cannabis topicals are one of the many types of cannabis products available to users today. These products come in various forms and make it easy to apply the effects of cannabis directly to your body. For instance, you can apply cannabis creams and balms to your chest, back, knees, or any other part of your body where you need relief. When you apply cannabis topicals to your body, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin. They then interact with cannabinoid receptors under the skin, affecting the endocannabinoid system in various ways. 

Many users find cannabis topicals particularly soothing for pain and inflammation. It’s worth noting that most cannabis topicals won’t get you high. Products such as cannabis creams, balms, and lotions interact with cannabinoid receptors under the skin without reaching the bloodstream. Transdermal patches are an exception. These deliver a slow-acting and long-lasting dose of cannabinoids to your bloodstream, often giving users a mild and enjoyable high.

Should You Try Cannabis Topicals For Pain Relief?

Many people nowadays use cannabis for pain relief. Pain is a common symptom of various diseases and conditions, and people often seek ways to treat it without resorting to prescription medications. Cannabis offers an interesting alternative as, according to research, it offers analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. So, should you try cannabis topicals for pain relief?

If you’re looking for a new way to manage pain, they’re worth trying. Cannabis topicals are very easy to use - you can simply apply them to the area of your body where pain or inflammation is an issue. Many users find that cannabis topicals are particularly soothing and relieving. 

Although there are various types of cannabis products you can use for pain, you might want to consider topicals for a few reasons. For one, topicals allow you to use cannabis without getting high. Those who would prefer to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC may prefer products such as cannabis creams and balms. Cannabis topicals also allow you to target specific areas of your body, making them useful for tackling pain, inflammation, and skin problems.

Types Of Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals come in a variety of forms. Many are designed to be applied anywhere on the body. Some are designed to be applied to specific parts of the body - such as face cream or lip balm. Some topicals also provide unique methods of application, such as cannabis bath bombs or cannabis transdermal patches. 

Some of the most popular types of cannabis topicals include creams, balms, and lotions. These all give you the ability to rub the cannabinoids into your body. These products are all fairly similar, only differing in consistency. You can also find cannabis body oils - these liquid products can also be rubbed into your body. Cannabis bath products, such as bath bombs and bath salts, are great for those who want to absorb cannabis all over the body. 

Cannabis sprays are another good option - these are easier to apply to hard-to-reach places such as your back. Most types of cannabis topicals don’t get you high as the cannabinoids penetrate the skin without reaching the bloodstream. THC transdermal patches are an exception. These can be applied to your wrist to absorb a slow-acting dose of THC into the bloodstream, giving you a mild high.

How To Use Cannabis Topicals

The right way to use cannabis topicals depends on which type of topical you’re using. Fortunately, all kinds of cannabis topicals are very easy to apply. Most also offer fast absorption, meaning you shouldn’t need to wait long to absorb the cannabinoids into your skin. 

When using creams, balms, lotions, body oils, and similar products, you can apply the topical directly to the affected area of your body. Rub it in generously and allow some time for the cannabinoids to be absorbed. Cannabis sprays are similar - you can spray them onto your body and rub them in. If you’re using cannabis bath bombs or bath salts, you can simply add them to your bathtub and soak up the cannabinoids. 

Transdermal patches can be applied to your wrist. For other types of topicals, it’s best to check the individual product instructions to see how to use them. Since most cannabis topicals don’t reach the bloodstream, they’re very safe to use and you can use high doses without worrying about adverse effects. Just make sure you’re not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients in your chosen topical product.

Where To Buy Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals are becoming increasingly popular. As such, you can often find them in recreational cannabis stores and dispensaries. For high-quality products, it’s best to buy cannabis topicals from a trusted and reliable cannabis dispensary. 

Coastal Cannabis CO provides an extensive medical and recreational menu, including a range of cannabis topicals. You can find high-quality cannabis balms, body oils, transdermal patches, and more. In addition to cannabis topicals, our dispensary menu also features a selection of flower strains, concentrates, edibles, and accessories. All of our products are carefully selected from trusted suppliers. What’s more, all products have been rigorously tested to ensure our customers get nothing but the safest and most reliable cannabis products.


Cannabis topicals provide a particularly interesting option for pain relief. These products can be applied directly to your skin for soothing relief. They come in many forms such as lotions, balms, body oils, and even transdermal patches. You can find a range of cannabis topicals, along with various other high-quality cannabis products, at Coastal Cannabis.

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