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Cannabis Concentrates Extracts Explained

Posted: Wed, Jul 19, 2023

Cannabis comes in many forms. Whether you need something to tackle your medical issues or simply want something for a good recreational experience, it’s worth trying different cannabis products. While cannabis flower, edibles, vapes, and topicals are all good options, cannabis concentrates & extracts are ideal for those who want something potent and satisfying.

These products are referred to by many names, such as cannabis concentrates, extracts, dabs, and more. They also come in many forms, popular examples including hash, budder, wax, and crumble. Whichever type you choose, concentrates come packed with cannabinoids to give you a phenomenal experience. Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis concentrates & extracts.

Cannabis Concentrates & Extracts Explained

Cannabis concentrates are concentrated cannabis products known for their high levels of THC. There are various types of cannabis concentrates, made using a variety of extraction processes to separate the most powerful parts of the cannabis strain from the rest of the plant. As such, they’re often referred to as cannabis extracts.

The processes used to produce cannabis extracts can vary significantly. For instance, cannabis hash is often made by using a silk-screen or dry ice to separate the dried trichomes from weed. These dried trichomes are then compressed into a solid block. In contrast, products like shatter, badder, and wax are made by blasting cannabis flower with solvents and altering the consistency of the resulting extract.

Creating high-quality cannabis concentrates is difficult and usually involves special equipment. As such, you shouldn’t attempt to make these products at home. Fortunately, you can now find a range of cannabis concentrates and extracts at marijuana dispensaries or even order them online.

Why Use Cannabis Concentrates?

With so many options out there for cannabis users, you might wonder why you should use cannabis concentrates. These products aren’t necessarily ideal for every user - some may prefer the convenience of tinctures or the enjoyability of edibles. However, if you’re looking for potent, flavorful cannabis products, cannabis extracts are ideal.

While the average strain of weed contains THC levels of around 15 to 25%, the THC levels of cannabis extracts are often 4 times higher, and sometimes even more. As such, you only need a small dab of a powerful extract for a strong high. Cannabis concentrates can also be used in various ways.

Some people enjoy smoking cannabis concentrates by mixing them with weed. Others use them with a concentrate vaporizer - making for some particularly potent and flavorful cannabis vapor. They’re also commonly used with dab rigs or dab pens. As such, you’ll also hear cannabis extracts referred to as “dabs”.

How To Use Cannabis Concentrates

Before using cannabis concentrates, you should separate them into small pieces to avoid taking too much. Hash can be primed and crumbled by lighting it before breaking it into small pieces. Other concentrates can be separated using a small knife or dab tool. Generally, only a small dab is needed for a powerful high from concentrates.

Smoking Cannabis Concentrates - Generally, cannabis concentrates won’t burn smoothly by themselves. However, you can smoke them by mixing them with cannabis flower for an intense smoking session. Start by filling your joint or bowl with weed before adding a few dabs of your chosen extract.

Vaping Cannabis Concentrates -  Vaping or vaporizing offers a stronger and more flavorful experience compared to smoking. You’ll need a concentrate vaporizer or wax pen to vape cannabis concentrates. Simply add a dab of your chosen concentrate to the chamber of your vaporizer before setting the heat and enjoying the smooth cannabis vapor.

Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates - For the strongest effects, you can use your cannabis concentrates with a dab rig. This involves heating the nail of your dab rig with a dab torch before carefully applying a dab of your chosen cannabis concentrate. The dab will vaporize instantly and you can take a powerful hit from the mouthpiece.

Types Of Cannabis Concentrates & Extracts

There are many types of cannabis concentrates, each made using different extraction processes. Some concentrates are more potent than others whereas others pack more flavorful terpenes. Some of the simplest extracts to make include hash and rosin. Hash is made by compressing dried trichomes whereas rosin is made by applying heat and pressure to cannabis flower strains.

Many cannabis extracts are made using solvents such as butane or CO2. This includes products such as shatter, wax, budder, and crumble. After extraction, the resulting product undergoes a process of heating and purging. While the extraction process is similar, slight differences result in different consistencies. For instance, shatter is hard and glass-like whereas wax is soft and pliable.

High terpene full-spectrum extracts (HTFSE) are among the most satisfying concentrates out there. A complex process is used to extract and reinfuse the terpenes for maximum flavor. What’s more, many of these extracts also boast extra high levels of cannabinoids. Examples include live resin, sauce, and diamonds.

Where To Buy Cannabis Concentrates & Extracts

The best way to get your hands on high-quality cannabis concentrates is to buy them from a trusted dispensary. For instance, cannabis consumers in San Diego and surrounding areas can find a wide range of cannabis extracts at Coastal Cannabis.

You can browse our San Diego dispensary to find products such as cannabis shatter, budder, sugar, live resin, live rosin, and more. All of these products can provide a phenomenal high whether you’re using them for medical or recreational purposes.

Alternatively, you can browse our online dispensary menu and order your products online. In addition to a range of cannabis concentrates, you can also find various cannabis flower strains, edibles, vapes, tinctures, and more.


Cannabis concentrates and extracts are potent cannabis products made using various extraction methods. These products provide extra high levels of THC, making for a hard-hitting high whether you choose to smoke, vape, or dab them.

For a range of high-quality cannabis concentrates, you can check out our dispensary menu or visit our San Diego dispensary. You can also find a wide range of cannabis flower strains, vapes, edibles, pre-rolls, beverages, topicals, and more at Coastal Cannabis.

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