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How Should You Mix Different Cannabis Strains Together

Posted: Wed, Sep 20, 2023

When you buy weed from a cannabis dispensary, you’ll be treated to a wide selection of cannabis strains. Each strain of weed offers something different. For instance, some are known for providing powerful physical relaxation whereas others are better for boosting your mood and creativity. Not only that, but strains also differ in their aroma, taste, and potency.

With so many strains worth trying, you might wonder - how should you mix different cannabis strains together? While beginners might want to stick to one strain at a time, some users may want to start experimenting with combining strains. Luckily, there are many fun ways to combine the effects of two or more weed strains. Here’s how.

Mix Different Cannabis Strains Together In A Joint

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to combine your favorite strains is to add them both to a joint. Next time you’re rolling a joint, simply add more than one strain of weed. Use both of your strains evenly and be sure to use both throughout the joint. That way, you’ll get the effects of both strains with each puff.

To do this, you’ll need loose cannabis flower. You can buy cannabis flower in various quantities from a dispensary. Make sure you get enough of both strains to combine them. While you only need around 0.5 to 1 gram of weed for a satisfying joint, it’s best to buy at least 4g of each of the strains you want to use.

You’ll also need a grinder and rolling papers. It’s important to grind your weed before adding it to your joint - this will ensure your weed burns smoothly and evenly. Once you’ve ground your strains, simply spread them throughout the rolling paper and roll it as you would a regular joint. Using two strains with distinctive qualities is a good idea. You might even want to mix three or more strains.

Mix Different Cannabis Strains Together In A Bowl

Another easy way to combine different cannabis strains is to add them to a pipe or bong. These handy cannabis accessories make it exceptionally easy to smoke any kind of cannabis strain you want. All you need to do is add some chunks of your desired strain to the bowl of your device, light your weed, and inhale from the mouthpiece.

Once again, you’ll need to buy two or more strains of cannabis flower. When adding weed to a bowl, you can simply tear it into pieces with your fingers before adding it. However, grinding your cannabis using a weed grinder will give you a much more satisfying smoking experience. As such, you should grind your weed and mix both strains in your bowl.

Make sure you mix your strains evenly in your bowl. That way, you’ll get a sensational blend of effects when you use your bong or pipe. You can use more than two strains if you want, but make sure you don’t overfill your bowl.

Combine Cannabis Flower With Cannabis Concentrates

Grinding and combining your favorite cannabis strains is one of the easiest ways to mix your favorite cannabis strains. However, you might also want to consider other types of cannabis products. For instance, cannabis concentrates are perfect for combining with weed whether you’re rolling a joint or using a bong or pipe.

Cannabis concentrates are known for delivering particularly powerful effects. These products contain extra-high levels of THC, and you only need a fraction of a gram for a strong high. As such, these are perfect for combining with weed to enhance the potency of your joint or bowl. Like cannabis flower, you can find cannabis concentrates in a wide variety of indica, sativa,  and hybrid strains.

To combine your concentrates with weed, start by adding your ground weed to a joint or bowl as you usually would. You can then top your weed with small dabs of your chosen concentrate. Some concentrates are oily enough to blend right in whereas others need to be primed or melted before adding them. Whichever way, this is a great way to combine multiple strains.

Cook Different Cannabis Strains Together

Another fun way to mix different cannabis strains is by using them in homemade weed edibles. Edibles are cannabis-infused food products that can come in all kinds of delicious forms, from brownies to cookies to gummies. With a decent batch of weed, you can easily make cannabis butter and add it to all kinds of edibles.

Making cannabis butter involves decarboxylating your weed in the oven before adding it to a cup of butter and a cup of water in a saucepan. Cooking these ingredients at 160ºF-180ºF for around 2-3 hours will infuse the butter with the effects of your chosen cannabis strain. You can then use the butter to make all kinds of tasty treats.

If you want to create edibles with a blend of effects, simply use two strains instead of one. Generally, it’s best to use around 7 grams of cannabis for a batch of cannabis butter. As such, using 3.5 grams of two different strains can work well. You can also use more than two strains - just make sure you have enough of each.

Buy The Best Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Combining two or more strains in a pipe, bong, or even in cannabis-infused edibles can be highly rewarding. However, if you’re looking for a blend of effects, you don’t necessarily need to combine two or more strains. After all, there are tons of hybrid cannabis strains out there available to buy.

Hybrid strains are strains that have been created by crossing multiple distinctive cannabis strains. Many of these strains combine two or more cannabis strains simply by breeding them and making something new. As such, hybrid strains often offer an exciting mix of indica and sativa effects.

The great thing about using hybrid strains is that there’s no extra effort to combine the effects. Simply choose a hybrid strain that sounds good to you and you can use it however you want. You can find a selection of high-quality hybrid cannabis strains in our online dispensary menu.


So how should you mix different cannabis strains together? It’s up to you. If you want to combine two of your favorite strains, you can simply mix them together in a joint or bowl. You could even mix a strain of weed with some of your favorite concentrates. You can also cook them together or simply stick to hybrid cannabis strains.

Whether you’re looking for multiple cannabis flower strains to combine or simply want to find the best hybrid strains, you can find everything you need at Coastal Cannabis.

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