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How To Calculate THC Dosage WIth Cannabis Edibles

Posted: Fri, Jan 19, 2024

If you enjoy the physically soothing and mentally stimulating effects of cannabis, you should try cannabis edibles. Edibles give you all the same effects you get from smoking or vaping weed. However, the effects are much stronger and last for much longer. Plus, they come in the form of delicious weed-infused treats.

However, since they’re so powerful, it’s important to manage your cannabis edible dosage carefully. Beginners should take 5 to 10mg of THC, even if they’re used to the effects of cannabis. So how do you know how much THC is in your edibles? Here’s a guide on how to calculate THC dosage with cannabis edibles.

How To Calculate THC Dosage With Cannabis Edibles

Although some people make edibles at home, buying readymade edibles from a trusted dispensary is the best option. When you buy edibles from a dispensary, you’ll know exactly how much THC is in each serving. As a result, it’s much easier to get your desired dose of THC without any hassle.

Readymade edibles will display the amount of THC they contain on the side. Not only will they show you how much THC the whole package contains, but they’ll also give you guidance on how much THC is in each serving. You can then simply take as many servings as you need to get your desired dose.

Managing your dosage is particularly easy with THC gummies. Usually, 1 serving is 1 gummy, meaning you can simply choose how many gummies to eat. With other edibles, such as brownies or chocolate bars, you might need to split the product into smaller servings to get a sensible dose.

Beginners are generally advised to take no more than 10mg of THC edibles. Even if you’re an experienced user, this is generally more than enough to give you a powerful high for many hours. Once you’re experienced with cannabis edibles, you might want to raise the dosage by 10mg each time.

How To Calculate THC Dosage With Homemade Edibles

Many people make cannabis edibles at home by decarboxylating their favorite cannabis strains before infusing them into butter or oil. These cannabis-infused condiments can then be used for all kinds of delicious recipes from cookies to brownies to weed-infused gummies. While this is a rewarding way to make edibles, it can also make it trickier to measure the THC dosage.

To measure the cannabinoid content in your homemade edibles, start by noting down the THC content of your cannabis. When you buy cannabis from a dispensary, you’ll get information about the percentage of THC and CBD in your chosen strain. For instance, Cypress Cannabis Lemon Cake Pop Sativa contains 24% THC and 24.39% CBD.

You’ll also need to consider how much cannabis you use to make your cannabis butter or oil. If you’re using 3.5g (3500 milligrams), simply multiply the quantity in milligrams by the percentage of THC. In other words, 3500 milligrams of 24% THC flower contains 875mg of THC. However, that doesn’t mean your edibles will be this strong.

Usually, some of the THC content in your weed is lost during the decarboxylation process. On top of that, not all of your THC will be absorbed into your butter or oil. Generally, you’ll get around 60% of the total value. In other words, using 875mg means you’ll end up with around 504mg of THC in your edibles. You can then split the edibles you make into small portions to get your desired dose of THC.

What’s The Best Dosage For THC Edibles?

If you’re taking THC edibles for the first time, it’s best to take no more than 10mg. Consuming cannabis edibles gives you much stronger effects than other methods of consumption. What’s more, the effects can often last for 4 to 8 hours - sometimes even longer. As such, even a small dose is enough to give you potent, long-lasting effects.

Those who are experienced with cannabis edibles might want to increase their dosage slightly for a stronger high. Generally, it’s best to only increase your dosage by 10mg each time. Many edibles you’ll find in dispensaries give you a dosage of 5 - 10mg of THC, making it particularly easy to slowly increase your dosage.

Taking less than 10mg is a good option for those who want to microdose edibles. For instance, taking 5mg of THC edibles is often enough to boost your mood, senses, and creativity without giving you an overwhelming psychoactive high. Users who don’t enjoy the powerful effects of THC often prefer to microdose edibles.

Before you take cannabis edibles, you should know that it often takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for the effects to kick in. For some people, it might take even longer, and users with fast metabolisms might feel the effects in less than 30 minutes. It’s important to be patient and not increase your dosage until the effects have come and gone.

How To Calculate CBD Dosage With Cannabis Edibles

THC edibles are ideal for users who want to experience the psychoactive effects of THC. However, not everyone enjoys the powerful high that THC edibles deliver. Fortunately, there’s a much milder alternative - CBD edibles. CBD edibles are infused with cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s often used as a high-free alternative to cannabis.

When you buy CBD edibles from a dispensary, the package will give you information on how much CBD is in each serving. You can then manage your dosage simply by deciding how many servings to take.

If you make CBD edibles using CBD flower, you’ll need to calculate how much CBD is in your chosen strain. You’ll also need to reduce the amount by around 40% as cannabinoids are often lost during the decarboxylation and cooking process. You can use the same methods used to calculate the dosage in homemade THC edibles - just do this for the CBD content instead.

Since CBD doesn’t give you any psychoactive effects, it’s safer to use in higher dosages. For instance, many beginner users start with 20mg of CBD. Some even go as high as 100mg of CBD.


Whether you’re ordering edibles online or making them at home, this guide will help you calculate the THC or CBD dosage in your cannabis edibles. 

The best way to ensure you get high-quality edibles with accurate dosages is to buy them from a top-rated dispensary. For instance, users in the Vista, CA area can find a range of THC and CBD edibles and various other cannabis products at Coastal Cannabis.

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